First Day of School (awwww….)

So… I’m sitting in the computer lab waiting for my first class to start. Sometimes I’m amazed by what I accomplish when I’m trying to kill time. My first class is Children’s Lit. I’m REALLY looking forward to this one. We get to read Roald Dahl, The Secret World of Og, Ella Enchanted, and so many other fun books! Also, the topics and perspectives the prof wants to discuss look very interesting as well. I also have a 2nd year English class, 17th and 18th C, which I’ve neglected to take up until now. Finally, I have an Arch class, Western Pacific Prehistory. That will be the last arch class I have to take. it should be okay, and all my friends are in it (oh, the draws of peer pressure).

Anyway, this semester should not be that bad. It’s my first complete semester without Chapters (can I believe it’s been three months since I quit? No.) and the only source of income I have is the SFU bookstore and student loans.

I’ll be kept busy with QLP (that’s all I’ll say for now), and I feel like this will be the year that I actually accomplish something.

Maybe I’ll write a novel.

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