Espagne, so far…

So I’ve been in Madrid for three nights now, but it’s flown by. The first night I flew in, but hadn’t had my hostel booked, so there was one that I looked up on the internet, that looked like it had free beds. After I got off my flight and got into town on the metro, I realized that the station I needed to get off at was closed for construction or something (what is this, Vancouver?), so I tried a bus, and by this time it was about midnight.

That only confused me more, so I finally just got a taxi, and actually got to the hostel at about 1 am. I didn’t really start to panic until I actually got to lie down in bed and suddenly realized, “wow, I was so close to being stranded in downtown Madrid in the middle of the night.” Alas, my resourcefulness won out.

Anyway, the next day I made it to the hostel I had booked. It is lovely; an 18th century building, with lovely mosaic tiles on the inside of the common room. I’ve posted a picture on facebook. There, I met up with Nicole, from Chicago, who is going to Pueblo Ingles with me. We had an easy night, going out for dinner and pretty much taking it easy. The next day (yesterday), we did a walking tour of the city, which I highly recommend. I did one in Paris as well, and they are great for getting your feet on the ground (literally, I guess) in a new city.

We walked through Plaza Mayor for dinner, and then did a pub crawl. We met lots of crazy, crazy people. A group from (we think) South America, a group from the Netherlands, a guy from Leeds, and, coincidentally, the three German guys that were also in my hostel in Paris. What a mad, mad, mad, mad world. They had flown in yesterday, and their flight arrived just after the accident. Apparently, they had to circle the skies for several hours, waiting to land. Crazy. I can’t believe that. A lot of people here have been talking about it in disbelief. I’m going to go google it now. Anyway, today, we have the meeting luncheon for Pueblo Ingles, then who knows!

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