Playing Hooky Well into Adulthood

*GOOOOOOONG* has been the proclamation of my week. It has been equal parts crazy and comforting.

Monday was a write-off. No need to recapture that inane ineptitude.

Tuesday saw me leave work early, which was refreshing. To walk past all the toiling employees, with your coat on and empty lunch pack in hand, knowing that you are now free = win. It’s amazing realizing that there is still something of a day left. Bri picked me up, with Jason (McDonald – not QLP partner-in-crime Jason Manning) in tow – the reason I was skipping the afternoon. He was in town for a night, leaving for Madrid the next day (which was two nights ago now).

Wednesday I took the day off to hang out with Jason for his last day in Canada for awhile, and then drive him to the airport. Knowing that I am free for a whole day = epic win. A would-be quixotic journey, it actually played out like a lame sequel to Back to the Future, the last six years of Ashleigh’s life: Chapters in the morning (for in-flight reading material); SFU midday (meeting with Bri); Metrotown in the afternoon (not sure why, but is there ever a good reason to go there?); home for just long enough to update my facebook status; airport around dinner time (flight delayed until midnight); to the Cineplex at Strawberry Hill to see He’s Just Not That Into You (looong story); back to the airport to wave buh-bye; home, start reading Everything is Illuminated (purchased that morning at Chapters), bed.

Thursday was a numbingly normal workday, but I headed straight downtown after work to meet Hayley at the Vancity Theatre for a screening of the Oscar shorts. I was running not late, but exactly on time. I got there for 5.57 when it started at 6.00. Totally my bad, dude. Of course, it was sold out. Poor Hayley was already inside, and luckily not alone. I wandered Granville/Robson for a bit, staggering into both Chapters and HMV, dreaming of purchases I don’t need. Walked past the art gallery, stopping for a second to learn an alternative take on the US bombings of Pakistan with the protest literature handed to me by a small child (she stared at me with all-encompassing, confused eyes; I had to ask her for it). And came home. At least I’m almost half way through my book with all the public transit.

The highlight of my week so far is playing hooky. I loved it. Still that rush you felt in high school, knowing you were a shameless miscreant.

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