Scary monsters lurk in jungles like the

So I got a message today from Lulu, the self-publishing megaliths that currently have my book, The Savannah Stories. Normally, to put your book on it costs money. Either you sign your life over to Lulu, who act as your agent, and thus lose some of your property rights (which I wasn’t that stoked about doing), OR you simply pay a nice little fee to Amazon (which I also wasn’t that stoked about doing). Well, it seems that they have selected my book, for whatever godforsaken/godblessed reason to put up on Amazon for free! No strings attached! No skin off my back. Book is the same price, I get the same percentage, they’ve taken the cut. Hm. And I still have copyright control. Simply too good to be true? Have I missed some fine print? I didn’t have to do anything? It’s available there as we speak. In the immortal words of Keanu Reeves: “Whoa.”

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