The First Week of a New Year is a Total Blur

It’s been 2010 for a week now and I’m still writing “09” on everything. I don’t know if I will ever be able to accept that fact that it is a new millenium and has been for ten years now. “2010” doesn’t sound like the name of a year, it sounds like a science fiction comic book from the 1953. “1953” – now that sounds like a date in time. “2010” has become so synonymous with the impending Olympics that it has lost all meaning now, how like when you repeat a word over and over in your head it loses all meaning. (Try it with “fork,” that’s the best.)

I’m almost a week into the Film Arts program at Langara and I have mixed emotions. Clearly, I am excited and optimistic and I know this is going to be great. But, on the other hand, I’m still adjusting to my new routine, and feeling a little stressed about the lack of a life that looms over the next eight months. The first week has been the usual ego-clashing pissing contest, with everyone layering a pseudo-modesty over the sweeping epic they’ve constructed of their lives. Hopefully, but this time next week, all that will be over with. It’s a little tough to try to find your confidence in such a position, especially when your confidence is a keystone in your success and you know it.

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