I’ve recently had the chance to join an interesting project by Allison Lasorda.

The Re:moved Project is “an interactive visual narrative project that features individuals’ experiences with home. by examining unique perspectives on homes that have been “lost” (whether through relocation, demolition, or (re)construction) this project aims to remove the stigma associated with nostalgia and, possibly, to provide comfort by allowing constructive participation in it.”

It’s something I’ve found myself relating quite well to. Re:moved is publishing The Duende’s in the Details as well as “Ashleigh’s Story,” a brief chronicle of my experience of home… and whatever meaning we’ve attached to that word.

One thought on “re:moved

  1. I traveled the globe as a writer/poet/nurse and went home after 40 years,it was sad,ghost town boarded up due to industry loss.I was so sad I didn’t want to look at it anymore so I left and Hurricane Katrina took another home here in New Orleans,starting over at 68 is very hard but I am determined and have challenged the writing industry.

    I write children’s literature,I will have pending book published for the holidays.

    Please view my website:


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