Archie… Out of Context and into the fire

So, The Commune is full of Archie comics.

The explanation is thus:

When Dr. Roommate, Ex-Roommate, and myself all moved in together, Dr. Roommate found a couple of Archie comics in a box of random shit she had. Naturally, we indulged in some gleeful nostalgia and read them cover to cover.

One day my thirteen-year-old cousin mentioned that she had a bunch of Archie comics, as all thirteen-year-old girls seem to do. She said she could give me any of her “doubles.” (If you were once a thirteen-year-old girl you know what this means.)

Apparently, she had a LOT of doubles. We got a garbage bag full of Archie comics. We lined the walls of the bathroom with them like some strange cornball Americana wallpaper.

But one day, we found, discarded adrift in the middle of the living room floor, this single page:

Immediately, it was posted on our house bulletin board and became a conversation piece for the various dignitaries and ne’er-do-wells who came to visit.

The thing is, once you find one strange out-of-context panel in an Archie comic, you start seeing them everywhere:

After I brought home some Post-It flags, Dr. Roommate and I went to town. Our wall of Archie was marked by endless flags and dog-ears.

But we didn’t know what to do with them. I tried a WordPress blog, but somehow the format didn’t seem conducive to my inherent laziness. Having to program when to post things was a little too much work for one so lacklustre in technological capabilities as myself.

And then we discovered Tumblr. Oh Tumblr, you are the Twitter of blogging. So short and sweet. I love how you can get “Followers.” It makes me want to do a post commanding everyone to just trust me and drink the Kool-Aid.

Anyway, something weird has happened in the last twenty-four hours. Somehow people have discovered Archie Out of Context and my number of followers has gone from a hundred (which it just slowly pushed up to over three months) to nearly six hundred in a matter of hours. Wow.

That’s it, people!

Send me your cheques now and you too will be saved!

UPDATE (Sept 18):

Okay, so apparently it’s been posted in a lot of places. Nice. I am eternally grateful. 🙂

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