Consider the Working Title Worked

I’m happy to share that one of my works has been included in the latest issue of WomenArts Quarterly Journal.

Based out of the University of Missouri-St. Louis, WomenArts Quarterly Journal (WAG) is:

an initiative of Women in the Arts, aspires to nurture, provide support, and challenge women of all cultures, ethnicities, backgrounds, and abilities in their role in the arts and seeks to heighten the awareness and understanding of the achievements of women creators, by providing audiences with historical and contemporary examples of the work of women writers, composers, and artists.

And thus I am really proud to be included in their ranks.

The piece, “Working Title,” is one that I’ve been kicking around a while. I wrote the first draft of it nearly four years ago. It stemmed from an idea I had that I wanted to write as a screenplay.

The topic of the Romanian Revolution of 1989 had fascinated me (if one can say something so frivolous about such an event) and I wanted to write about it. The more I broke down the story, the more anxiety I felt and the more frustrated I became. This was not my story to tell. How dare I think I could do that?

At the same time, I was a year or so out of film school and was feeling a huge tug-of-war in my mind as to what creative format I wanted to work in: film or prose. Was film enough to really express what I wanted to say?

Anyway, that’s what happened here.

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