A Thought Experiment for Time Travellers

Indulge me this: you’re a time traveller. It’s an ordinary day. The fate of the world is not in jeopardy. No damsels to save. No timelines to correct. To angst to stew over. Everything is perfectly fine. You can enjoy yourself.

So you go to a bar.

And who do you see in that bar, but yourself.

You don’t know if it’s past you or future you. But it is definitely you.

Oh no. You’ve made eye contact.

What do you do?

Do you talk to yourself? Do you run screaming?

What do you do?

3 thoughts on “A Thought Experiment for Time Travellers

    1. Hide and watch yourself run around in a panic and wonder what the hell is going on, haha? I imagine if it was Past Me that I spotted, she would just shake her head and go back to drinking her beer. If it was Future Me, she would probably be across the bar, also hiding and watching? It would be a weird time-traveler stand off!


      1. I would make sure the other me didn’t see the real me, whichever one of us that was. I’m sure we’d both avoid engaging the other. We’re voyeurs at heart.


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