A Breach at Stronghold

a supernatural murder mystery party game

You are all members of the Society, a group of monster hunters headquartered in the Stronghold, a secret underground bunker in Kansas. When one of you is found dead, everyone must work together to find the killer.

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Breach at Stronghold is an 8 or 9-player role-playing murder mystery set in an urban fantasy world, great for beginners, seasoned mystery lovers, and role-playing game fans alike!

This murder mystery works a little differently than ones you may have played before. Players arrive on game night knowing their character’s backstory and solve the mystery by “visiting” different locations in Stronghold.

They do so by turning to a certain page in a Clues Booklet and reading what they find there. For instance, they might notice another character behaving suspiciously or find something amiss. They might even find a clue!

A Breach at Stronghold is available to purchase as downloadable PDFs from Gumroad and Itch.io. For less than $5 USD, you can purchase downloadable PDFs of everything you need to host the mystery: introduction, players’ guides, clues booklets, and the clues themselves. 

Buy the Game at Gumroad

Buy the Game at Itch.io

I also have available a printable version available for those who (like me) prefer an analog experience. You can down PDFs that print double-sided so you can turn them into handy booklets. This version also gives you the chance to get creative with how you want to present the clues to your guests.