I have lived previous incarnations as bookseller, bureaucrat, filmmaker, zinester, student, and wayward traveller but currently spend most of my time in fictional worlds, only some of my own invention.

I once lived in a house in the South Hill neighbourhood of Vancouver with six people, four cats, one goldfish, and a vegetable garden for a front yard. We called it The Commune. It was where I lived with my husband before he was Husband, before he was Fiance, before he was Boyfriend, back when he was just Boy Roommate. Life was a sitcom and we were the “will they/won’t they.”

We did.

I am currently obsessing over romantic comedies, putting together some perzines, writing a second murder mystery dinner party, GMing a D&D 5e campaign, and crocheting dice bags for fictional characters.

I live and work in Surrey, BC on the unceded traditional territories of the Coast Salish peoples, with my partner and a very fluffy cat. (She/her)

What People Say

[Ashleigh is] everything John Lennon always wanted to be.

Joe Verde

I’ve lived with [Ashleigh] for over two years, and I’m not entirely convinced [she is] an idiot.

Former Roommate

If nothing else, I think you’re special.


Does this leave you with many questions?

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