Murder Mystery Party Games

Classic murder mystery party games with genre twists! Hors d’oeuvres not included.

A Breach at Stronghold

a supernatural murder mystery party game

We call this place Stronghold.

It’s got everything a modern-day monster hunter could want. A lore-filled library. A kitchen for cooking up potions. Even our very own dungeon.

There’s nine of us here now, finally ready to relax with a few beers after a long week of staking vamps, hunting werewolves, and chasing shapeshifters. Like, for sure, nothing followed any of us back inside, right? Right?

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The Mysterious Man in Black

a retro conspiracy mystery party game

Freewell, Nevada. The Fourth of July, 1957.

Folks in Freewell aren’t too fond of newcomers, and something about this man— with his black suit and five o’clock shadow— strikes the eight diner patrons as odd. 

He orders nothing but black coffee. He’s waiting for someone. 

Or was someone waiting for him?

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The Secret of the Wooden Princess

a fairy tale mystery party game

Ten years after Princess Amelina vanished, the first clues to her whereabouts appear… 

They arrive, small mysteries of their own, parchment packets addressed to eight individuals across the Kingdom of Livaria. Unknown to each other though they are, together these eight each hold a small piece of the puzzle. 

As the sun sets, The Eight gather. The full moon rises and there is a touch of magic in the air…


Murder Aboard the Lead Balloon

a steampunk murder mystery party game

Join the intrepid folks aboard the airship Macabre Charade…  

There are countless ways one might get from London to Constantinople, but a voyage aboard the airship Macabre Charade proves the most ill-advised. 

Captained by the infamous Lucien Winch,  the airship has done little since its military decommissioning besides ferrying about those with too much money, too little sense, or something sinister to hide. 

And now, not three days into its latest journey, the ship’s curious cargo have just discovered the captain dead…


The Curse of the Mermaid’s Revenge

a pirate murder mystery party game

The Caribbean Sea. 1720. The Golden Age of piracy is drawing to a close. 

Nine crew members aboard the Mermaid’s Revenge hatch a plot. Together, they will steal their captain’s plunder, hide it away on a deserted isle, tell no one of the loot’s location, and then go their separate ways. 

Then they shall wait. For surely, it is only a matter of time before the navy closes in. 

Now, five years later, when word comes of Captain Kent’s hanging, the eight surviving crew members reunite aboard the Mermaid’s Revenge and set off to recover their treasure….


An Evening at the Villa Diodati

a gothic regency murder mystery party game

1816, the “year without a summer.”

While the storms rage outside, dampening the June air, the greatest minds of the Romantic era are shut away in the isolated Villa Diodati, at the edge of Lake Geneva, nestled deep in the Swiss Alps. 

As minds grow restless and tempers flare, Lord Byron proposes a competition: write the most frightening ghost story of all time. Everyone leaps at the task, giving birth to Frankenstein and The Vampyre, but in the hidden corners of the villa, something much more sinister awakes….

Inspired by a true story!