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Murder Mystery Games

A Breach at Stronghold

a role-playing murder mystery party game

A Breach at Stronghold is classic role-playing murder mystery party game set in a modern supernatural world, great for beginners, seasoned mystery lovers, and TTRPG fans alike!

Available now for free at Itch.io and Gumroad.

The Mysterious Man in Black

another role-playing murder mystery party game

Freewell, Nevada. The Fourth of July, 1957.

Folks in Freewell aren’t too fond of newcomers, and something about this man— with his black suit and five o’clock shadow— strikes the eight diner patrons as odd. 

He orders nothing but black coffee. He’s waiting for someone. 

Or was someone waiting for him?

Finished and currently prepping for play-testing!


An Evening at the Villa Diodati

yet another role-playing murder mystery party game

1816, the “year without a summer.”

While the storms rage outside, dampening the June air, the greatest minds of the Romantic era are shut away in the isolated Villa Diodati, at the edge of Lake Geneva, nestled deep in the Swiss Alps. 

As minds grow restless and tempers flare, Lord Byron proposes a competition: write the most frightening ghost story of all time. Everyone leaps at the task, giving birth to Frankenstein and The Vampyre, but in the hidden corners of the villa, something much more sinister awakes….

Inspired by a true story, I’m in the early stages of mapping this one out!


My ongoing obsession…


Trev’s Books

handmade personal zine

In the summer of 2019, just a few months after my grandfather’s death, I unpacked his library. Books were the only thing we had in common and so I wrote a perzine to process the experience.

What unfolded was a meditation on the process of collecting and keeping… and what it all means when someone has to sift through our things after we’re gone.

Contact me if you’d like a hard copy or read the digital version over at Issuu.

Museum of the Western World

handmade art zine

A parody zine of souvenir museum guides, containing descriptions of the monuments contained within the “Suburban Galleries,” of the Museum of the Western World, dedicated to the famed Late Capitalist era. Leave reason at the coat check!

Created in collaboration with Amy Rajala.

Contact me if you’d like a hard copy or read the digital version over at Issuu.

Etsy Zine Shop – Coming Soon!

Watch this space!

I am currently inventorying all the old zines projects I’ve worked on over the years and looking to making them available through an Etsy shop. Once up and running, I’ll have a live link ready to go!


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