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Short Fiction

In an unaffordable, rapidly gentrifying city, a young woman finds a cheap rental property at the back of an old estate which seems too good to be true.

Published at the Button Eye Review.

Despite her very real abilities, a palm reader finds it difficult to connect with people until a young stranger shows up with an usual request.

Published at the Tatterhood Review.

Nominated for the 2021 Best of the Net Anthology!

When an old friend offers to take Lisa back in time, she had to consider the harsh realities… because once they go, there’s no coming back.

Speculative fiction originally published as part of the Redwing anthology. 

A long-retired superhero, his secret identify revealed at last, finally agrees to speak to the media.

This New Journalism homage was originally published with Crab Fat.

Freshly jilted, Adam spends his honeymoon tour of Europe with his old friend Jenna instead of his would-be wife.

Originally published at The Steel Chisel. 

Winner of the 2013 SAD Mag Fantasy Fiction Contest, this sweet fable follows a little girls who wishes on the stars for her father’s attention.

Winner of the 2015 Quarter-Castle Short Story contest, this meditation on the past considers our stories and others. What is ours to tell?

Also published in Women’s Arts Quarterly. 

From his place beyond the veil, a younger brother watches his step-siblings reconnect after his death.

Originally published in ROOM Magazine. 

New Years Eve, 1990. As the eighties end, a young kid reflects.

Flash Fiction. Published online at Every Day Fiction.

In this single-page excerpt of the opening of a novel (the same one that Kings Cross was taken from!), the newly deceased Jamie watches his own funeral.

Published online at Sassafras Literary Magazine.

A teenage daughter arrives home late and bonds with her father over their mutual distaste for dance music.

Read in the Kudzu Review, available online at Issuu.

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