Archie… Out of Context and into the fire

So, The Commune is full of Archie comics.

The explanation is thus:

When Dr. Roommate, Ex-Roommate, and myself all moved in together, Dr. Roommate found a couple of Archie comics in a box of random shit she had. Naturally, we indulged in some gleeful nostalgia and read them cover to cover.

One day my thirteen-year-old cousin mentioned that she had a bunch of Archie comics, as all thirteen-year-old girls seem to do. She said she could give me any of her “doubles.” (If you were once a thirteen-year-old girl you know what this means.)

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For reasons I really, really don’t want to explain to the vastness of the internet, we have a lot of Archie comics in our house. They get shuffled around from room to room, dog-eared, chucked about; we love them but we don’t respect them, like a racist old relative.

Anyway, I found this single page on the floor in the living room. No one will admit to ripping it out or even to reading it before. Who knows. But it’s awesome.