But Some Things Never Change

Today I culled my Facebook list. Starting out with 332 friends I made myself a pledge that I would half that number. (I actually did one better and got down to 165. )

What a strange way to quantify your life.

I’ve been juggling the idea of writing a post about “growing up” for a couple of weeks now. “Growing up.” Bah. Whatever might that mean? I’ve started drafts in WordPress, made notes on foolscap, Post-its, diaries, and spent a lot of time thinking. It’s something the last couple of weeks have led me to feel is necessary to interpret into words. I know this simple necessity is how I process the abstract concepts I struggle to understand. Writing something out is how I get myself to identify all the random things floating through my head; structuring them into a coherent set of sentences and paragraphs is how I come to understand it. The more simple the problem, the more simple the written word; the more abstract, the more likely it is to be fiction.

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Stalinist Purges of Personal Possessions and Facebook Friends

So I got this facebook¬†message from a friend who purged their facebook¬†friends list of all people they no longer wished to have any contact with. Those douchebags from high school, random people you talked to one night but never again, and other such useless acquaintances who clog up your friends feed with their stupid comments and pictures of their equally stupid offspring. It sounded like a brilliant idea, but one I’ve found that I’ve had difficulty following through with myself.

Like the narcissistic personality disorder sufferer that I, as a natural blogger, am, I’ve been forced to connect it to a larger issue in my life. In recent conversations I’ve had with this friend, I expressed my desires to move away for a year, or two, or three, or more. Probably London, or anywhere else in the UK, since I am a citizen and I already know how to navigate the Tube. This friend expressed similar desires, and explained that they would want to sell everything, leaving no ties, no baggage. It is like purging one’s digital friends. I love this idea, but perhaps it’s an extra dose of idealism and a dose short of reality.

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