The Good, the Bad, and Daniel Day-Lewis

my latest cinematic exploits

In my never-ending quest to work for free, I caught two press screenings for Press+1: Whiteout and The Informant! One was fantastic and the other was terrible. I’ll leave you to guess which is which. It’s been nice. Seeing films. I haven’t seen anything else since, rented, theatrical or library-loan or anything. Actually – I lie. I borrowed St. Trinian’s from my parents last night. Decent. You have female anarchistic rebellion for the women in the audience; Emily Strange’s School Days for all the kids and goths; and sexy schoolgirls for the guys. Roommate Shannon made me watch Scorsese’s Gangs of New York with her. My review in a few short thoughts: lose Cameron Diaz, as I can’t think of any film that was actually improved by her presence; Daniel Day-Lewis was fantastic, but what I really saw was a character ripe with the mind-blowing awesomeness that would become Daniel Plainview; and, just like I said with Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven, somewhere in there – somewhere over that muddy, top-hatted rainbow – was a good film.