On to the next project that will encompass my entire waking life for the next several weeks.

Filmtoberfest was this past Saturday, so that explains my: a) lack of blog posts, b) lack of sleep, c) lack of a balanced diet, d) lack of a social life, e) any other number of reason why I’ve been general weird(er).

The night went off with minimal hitches, and they were all technical, so – as the Artistic Director – they were officially Not My Problem. We screened nine films in total: Naked and Pigmalion, two shorts by QLP-alum Juan Riedinger, Jack of Hearts directed by Robert Tunold, Bored Game from 4 Cooks and directed by Daniel Zwiercan, the animated The Other Side, directed by another QLP-alum, Jennifer Guglielmucci, 3.8 Litres Per Flush directed by Christopher Westendorf, The Little Girl directed by Dae-Youn Hwang, Boxed In directed by Kial Natale, and, of course, QLP’s latest, Red Hood directed by Joe Verde and starring Becca Strom and David Quast. So many people came up to me to tell me how impressed they were by the films and by the evening in general, so hopefully this is the start of something special (and a great confirmation that we, QLP, should continue to do what it is we do). I would love to keep something like this going annually, so keep tabs on QLP!

Too busy to overthink trivial things so I thus must underthink the extremely important.

So I’ve been hectically planning for Filmtoberfest, which lands in approximately three weeks. I’m on schedule, but I can’t help but be stressed to the hilt. Even as I write this, with full intention not to recapitulate the minutia of details about what exactly I need to do, I can’t help but feel as though I need to list everything. But I won’t. There. I’ve stopped myself. Good.

The QLP area of my life has generally been pretty rewarding lately. The Year Without Hockey has been accepted into the Hell’s Half Mile Film & Music Festival in Bay City, Michigan. It’s running October 1 – 4, 2009, so if you’re in the Bay City area around that time, be sure to check it out. I contemplated going myself, but have a myriad of forces working against me. Among their ranks: lack of funds, lack of ability to take more time off work, Filmtoberfest being the very next weekend. Argh. Next time. Next time.

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Filmtoberfest – seeking your (preferably non-porn) short films

(Shameless plug alert)

We, the lil’ indie folks at QLP, are getting ready for Vancouver’s inaugural Filmtoberfest and we need your films! Yes, your short films. Or films about shorts. Either is good. However, anything over fifteen minutes is probably too long. So are capris.

Anyway, Quarter-Life Productions, in association with 591 Productions, are currently seeking local independent filmmakers with short films for the inaugural event! An evening of film, frivolity (and possibly leiderhosen), this event will kick off in October 2009 and will be an excellent opportunity to get together with other local filmmakers and industry professionals and enjoy the cinematic delights October has to offer! Since, really, I don’t know about you, but that’s why I got into this business. October rocks, and so does film. Why not put them together and see what happens? There will also likely be drinking after.

But enough about the event, right now we are looking for independent short films of any genre so there is an evening of fun to begin with. Sure we could just get together and drink, but then it’s not Filmtoberfest, it’s just Oktoberfest, and I’m pretty sure that’s already been done. Not only does this night need to be awesome, but it’s needs to be unforgetable. So unforgetable that even the after-party binges won’t blitzkrieg those precious memories. Dude, we need these films like zombies need brains. So send us your films! Now. Because I told you to.

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