Fear and Loathing in Employment

this epic week, part three

Thursday was by far the most epic. I love it when life builds to a climax. My bosses found out about the RCMP job that I have been offered, but am currently waiting for the completion of my security clearance before I start. I’ve since had meetings with three of my bosses, in ever-escalting¬†superiority. They don’t want me to leave. I like this. Finally, after two years of picking away as a mere status-less auxiliary temp, I get some recognition. I told them I want the weekend to consider their offers. This will go down in history as the only time in my bureaucratic career where the ball will be in my proverbial court. I’ll keep bouncing that ball for as long as I can, savouring every sweet moment.

That evening, I was so excited following work that I skipped to my car, then skipped the movie I was supposed to go to with people from my meetup¬†group, so I could go watch the hockey game with the guys at Jason’s. I know, I’m such a dude. I belch. Without recapitulating the whole game, epic barely scratches the surface. Even though we lost in the shoot-out, Alex Burrows scored, which is a personal victory for me. (He will have a 30-goal season. I said this over a month ago and was laughed at. Who’s laughing now, f***ers?) Following the hockey game, Lorena and I scored a victory over the guys in Cranium Pop 5. Wonderfully white-picket-fence if it weren’t for all the drugs and booze. (Kidding.)