It’s so dreamy… oh fantasy free me…

On Halloween, I managed to avoid the usual cliche of a dreary, drunken party and handed out candy with my family, and took my little cousin, Noah, out for his first trick-or-treat. Cute, mildly entertaining, not wild.

Then, however, Roommate Shannon and I went out to a Midnight Movie: The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I hadn’t seen the film in over ten years (and I thought it was whacked-out then), but I’ve always wanted to go to a midnight screening. For some reason, this deeply hidden urge has managed to stay off my to-do-before-I-die lists, just like the underrated classic Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure manages to stay off the best films of all time lists. (Although it did make it onto this one.) Perhaps – like Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted “Theodore” Logan, RHPS is one of those perverse personal goals that one is almost ashamed to own up to. Well, not ashamed, but in putting it on any sort of list of allegedly important personal achievements said list is somewhat cheapened?

Maybe I just forgot?

Anyway, it was an absolute blast. Something I recommend to anyone and everyone, and something I will definitely do again next year, except next year I’m putting a lot more effort into my costume!