Why you Probably Shouldn’t Blog With a Kidney Infection

For the last two weeks or so (or is it three? I’ve honestly lost count. Maybe it’s even four. Anyway, feels like forever), I’ve been rendered helpless and lame with a kidney infection.

It sucks. It really, really sucks.

After a round of antibiotics, it was getting better but I was still so tired that I felt like I’d possibly died and entered purgatory. And then the infection came back. Seems it never actually went away. My kidney is like Captain Brody on Homeland: I don’t know if it’s really with me or against me.

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I keep popping Dayquil but nothing is happening.

I should really be at home and in bed right now, but I simply can’t afford to take off sick time. (Also, I had nearly a week off sick like two months ago, and I still feel guilty, like maybe I wasn’t sick enough. I also feel like a playground weakling for getting sick twice in as many months.) Yesterday, after work, I went straight home, collapsed into bed, watched Wall-E then read Persuasion and passed out by nine o’clock. I think I will probably end up doing the same again tonight. It’s unclear to me at this point whether or not I actually do want to continue living, but I will try to see this adversity through. If the darkness encloses, I will survive by propping up my laptop and googling random pictures of John Cusack. *sniffle, sniffle, swoon*